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Misfits – Legacy of Brutality [USA | 1985]

Compilation [ MP3 | @192 | 37.4 MB ]

USA | 1985 | Horror Punk | Punk Rock

Legacy of Brutality compiles a variety of Misfits rarities and outtakes, including the entire unissued portion of the band’s unreleased 1978 debut, Static Age (several of its tracks that appeared on early EPs are not included here). Also present are the A-sides of the non-LP singles “Halloween” and “Who Killed Marilyn?,” the latter actually a Glenn Danzig solo record. As an entity unto itself, the compilation plays a little inconsistently, and with the various reissues in recent years, it’s not quite invaluable any longer, but it’s arguably a better way to hear this material than the Static Age reissue, especially since a couple of Legacy’s better songs are not on any of the other single-disc compilations. (AllMusic)

A1999 Static Age 999
A2 TV Casualty
A3 Hybrid Moments
A4 Spinal Remains
A5 Come Back
A6 Some Kinda Hate
A7 Theme for a Jackal
B1 Angelfuck
B2 Who Killed Marilyn
B3 Where Eagles Dare
B4 She
B5 Halloween
B6 American Nightmare


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Mieczysław Kosz – Reminiscence [PL | 1971]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @320 | 96.5 MB ]

Poland | 1971 | Jazz | Contemporary Jazz

Polish Jazz Series | Vol. 25

Mieczyslaw Kosz – piano, Bronislaw Suchanek – Bass, Janusz Stefanski – Drums, Flexatone. On Side A the extremely talented pianist plays stunning jazz interpretations of Borodin, Chopin, Liszt, and ends with Lennon/McCartney’s “Yesterday”. It’s fascinating, that his interpretations make no difference between the classic an pop source. It’s a very homogeneous flowing process.
Two own compositions and one by bassist Suchanek are on the B side. Mostly in the background, Suchanek and Stefanski ensure a frame with precise accentuations for the pianists emotional excursions. On three pieces Kosz plays solo. From these, “For you” offers the widest range of emotions, from impulsive nearly freeform parts to melancolic sequences. An impressive revelation of the intimate. The whole album varies between impressionistic soundpaintings, not fundamentally dissimilar to Art Lande, Paul Bley, Bill Evans or Andrew Hill, and the more expressive performed jazz, let’s say not unlike his compatriot Komeda.

A1 Tańce Połowieckie 999
A2999 Preludium c-moll 999
A3 Marzenie miłosne
A4 Yesterday
B1 Wspomnienie
B2 For You
B3 Spełnienie

Mieczyslaw Kosz was one of the greatest hopes of Polish Jazz and his untimely death at a ridiculously young age (his 20`s) was a true tragedy. He was a most lyrical and technically perfect pianist ever on the Polish scene and everybody compared his work with that of Bill Evans. Unfortunately this album is the only proper recording of his superb playing (some more material does exists but the recording quality is not that great). On this album Kosz plays some of his interesting interpretations of classical music and some of his elegant compositions. For lovers of piano trios this is a true diamond!


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Bessie Smith – The Bessie Smith Story Vol. 1 [USA | 1951]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @320 | 107.0 MB ]

 USA | 1951 | Acoustic Blues | Vocal Jazz

The first major blues and jazz singer on record and one of the most powerful of all time, Bessie Smith rightly earned the title of “The Empress of the Blues.” Even on her first records in 1923, her passionate voice overcame the primitive recording quality of the day and still communicates easily to today’s listeners (which is not true of any other singer from that early period). At a time when the blues were in and most vocalists (particularly vaudevillians) were being dubbed “blues singers,” Bessie Smith simply had no competition. (AllMusic)

01999 The St. Louis Blues 999
02 I Ain’t Goin’ to Play Second Fiddle
03 You’ve Been a Good Ole Wagon
04 Sobbin’ Hearted Blues
05 Reckless Blues
06 J.C. Holmes Blues
07 Careless Love Blues
08 Cold In Hand Blues
09 Nashville Woman’s Blues
10 Jail-House Blues
11 Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down
12 Down Hearted Blues


Archivado en: Acoustic Blues, Blues, Vocal Jazz,

Josef Anton Riedl – Josef Anton Riedl [GER | 1972]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @192 | 69.6 MB ]

Germany | 1972 | Modern | Music Concrète

Avant Garde Project Series 001

The first AGP installment features the compositions of Josef Anton Riedl. A few tracks are entirely electronic but most are electroacoustic, involving sounds produced by a number of sources. In a few tracks, recordings are made as performers produce sounds by manipulating paper, glass, water, etc., and then another layer of sound is added as the same performers respond to the previously recorded sounds. The acoustic recordings are astonishing in their clarity and intimacy, and the timbres produced by these objects are often quite unexpected. (Web) Before Listen

A1999 Polygonum 999
A2 Nr. 3
A3 Paper Music
B1 Nr. 4/I
B2 Studien Für Elektronische Klänge II
B3 Studien Für Elektronische Klänge I
B4 Studien Für Elektronische Klänge IV
B5 Vielleicht-Duo


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Pink Anderson – Carolina Blues Man, Vol. 1 [USA | 1961]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @320 | 88.2 MB ]

 USA | 1961 | Acoustic Blues | Country Blues

Carolina Blues Man finds Anderson performing solo — with his own acoustic guitar accompaniment — during a session cut on his home turf of Spartanburg, SC. Much — if not all — of the material Anderson plays has been filtered through and tempered by the unspoken blues edict of taking a familiar (read: traditional) standard and individualizing it enough to make it uniquely one’s own creation. Anderson’s approach is wholly inventive, as is the attention to detail in his vocal inflections, lyrical alterations, and, perhaps more importantly, Anderson’s highly sophisticated implementation of tricky fretwork. His trademark style incorporates a combination of picking and strumming chords interchangeably. This nets Anderson an advanced, seemingly electronically enhanced sound. (AllMusic)

A1999 My Baby Left Me This Morning 999
A2 Baby, Please Don’t Go
A3 Mama Where Did You Stay Last Night
A4 Big House Blues
A5 Meet Me in the Bottom
B1 Weeping Willow Blues
B2 Baby I’m Going Away
B3 Thousand Woman Blues
B4 I Had My Fun
B5 Every Day in the Week

Aficionados and most all students of the blues will inevitably consider this release an invaluable primer into the oft-overlooked southern East Coast Piedmont blues.


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Black Spirit – Black Spirit [GER | 1978]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @256 | 70.8 MB ]

Italy | 1978 | Krautrock | Hard Rock

Despite the fact that they are Italian, Black Spirit figure among the exceptions in term of musical signature. Their own sound is at million miles away from the usual luxurious, neo-baroco and lyrical Italian progressive rock scene. In reality it’s not so surprising because the album has been signed on a german label. The band is stylisticaly connected with trippy-kraut excentricies, mainly with the bluesy-heavy side of the genre (Birth Control, Electric Sandwich…). Their music is a nice and intuitive mixture of dynamic krauty improvs with harsh garagey guitar rhythms, discreet epic vintage keyboards, sometimes punctuated by pop-ish nervous vocals. Crazy Times starts as a basic rockin piece and progressively goes into a furious psychedelic blues rock jamming session, including perpetual guitar solos and solid repetitive rhythms. The two following tracks Punk Rock’n Roll and Nicolino are ultra fuzzy garagey hard rockin pieces. Old times closes the album with a playful blues rock improvisation based on screaming fuzz guitar sequences. The last minutes feature a great dose of emotional-moody organ chords. Highly Recommended! (RateYourMusic)

A1999 Crazy Times 999
A2 Punk Rock ‘n Roll
A3 Nicolino
B1 Who Are You
B2 Old Times
250 USD to 450 USD | Very rare piece / record to find
Brutkasten / 85-O-006 + INFO

Part of the Series V. Kosmische Musik

Part of the Series VII. Record Collector Dreams


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Albatross – Albatross [USA | 1976]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @256 | 67.3 MB ]

 USA | 1976 | Prog Rock | Symphonic Prog

A lesser-known American symphonic band from Rockford Illinois, Alabtross was heavily Influenced by Yes, Keith Emerson, and Lift., they share the same dubious honor as bands like Starcastle and Cathedral in their Yes comparisons. The Band featured Mark Dahlgren on keyboards, Paul Roe on lead guitar, Joe Guarino on bass, Dana Williams on Percussion, and Mike Novak, who’s vocals have been called an acquired taste. Dahlgren’s synths and mellotron often suffer accusations of copying Rick Wakeman and Emerson. The strength lies in the experimentation and guitar/synth duets. They only released the self titled album on the Anvil label in 1976. This album is certainly a rarity, there were only 1000 albums pressed, and given that the bulk of the albums were never distributed or were trashed make it even more of a rarity! (Web)

A1999 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 999
A2 Mr. Natural
B1 Devil’s Strumpet
B2 Cannot Be Found
B3 Humpback Whales
250 USD to 450 USD | Very rare piece / record to find
Anvil AT-1001 + INFO

Part of the Series VII. Record Collector Dreams

[Shared Album] | DOWNLOAD

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Gary Moore – Scars [IE | 2002]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @320 | 134.7 MB ]

Ireland | 2002 | Hard Rock | Blues Rock

After spending over a decade churning out electrified blues, Gary Moore partially returns to his hard rock beginnings in Scars. Reminiscent of ’60s power trios such as Cream and especially the Jimi Hendrix Experience (“World of Confusion” is practically a rewrite of “Manic Depression” and “Ball and Chain” borrows the riff from “Voodoo Child”), Moore hasn’t abandoned the blues, he’s just pumped it up with blustery retro roots rock. With all the genre’s limitations, the guitarist is so obviously inspired in this format that the album is a success on its own terms, even though it breaks little new ground. Occupying a well-worn space with a potent fusion of blues power and hard rock, Scars shows Gary Moore comfortable in his skin. It’s a rugged if not terribly original fusion that succeeds due to his talent, enthusiasm, and no-frills approach. (Allrovi)

01888 When the Sun Goes Down 999
02 Rectify
03 Wasn’t Born in Chicago
04 Stand Up
05 Just Can’t Let You Go
06 My Baby (She’s so Good to Me)
07 World of Confusion
08 Ball and Chain
09 World Keep Turnin’ Round
10 Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?


Archivado en: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, – Sodom & Gomorrah [UZ | 2013]

Studio Album [ MP3 | @320 | 120.4 MB ]

 Uzbekistan | 2013 | Prog Rock | Eclectic Prog

The amazing musicians from Uzbekistan are back with Sodom and Gomorrah, a concept CD that features the acclaimed original Fromuz line-up of Vitaly Popeloff (guitars), Albert Khalmurzaev (keyboards, guitars, vocals, harmonica), Vladimir Badirov (drums), and Andrey Mara-Novik (bass), plus Evgeniy Popelov (keyboards, vocals).
“Sodom & Gomorrah” was originally composed by multi-instrumentalist Albert Khalmurzaev as the soundtrack for a theatrical musical production of the same name at the Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan. Reinterpreting the Biblical tale of “Sodom and Gomorrah” as a conceptual foundation, it tells the story of our modern world, ravaged by global addictions and vice that can only be remedied through a change from within the very heart of the human condition.
This concept is conveyed through the well-established passion and incendiary musicianship that has become the hallmark of Fromuz. This is modern progressive rock at its very finest. (AllRovi))

01999 Intro 999
02 Prologue
03 City
04 Lot
05 The Capture
06 Black Feast-I
07 The Orgy
08 Folly of Mob
09 The Blindness / Wife’s Prayer
10 Black Wedding
11 Black Feast-II
12 Procession of Dead Stars
13 The Escape
14 To the Flames


Archivado en: Eclectic Prog, Progressive Rock, Rock,

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